Nominate your favorite non-profit

plusone_milwaukeeprideMilwaukee Pride is now accepting nominations for the 2017 Plus One campaign.

Every year, PrideFest Milwaukee guests are invited to donate a tax-deductible gift of $1 — or any dollar amount — to support a local charitable cause. In return, Milwaukee Pride, Inc. identifies a sponsor who will match all donated funds and increase the impact of your generosity.

As a community partner, Milwaukee Pride, Inc. provides fundraising, marketing and outreach support to the Plus One beneficiary throughout the rest of the calendar year.  The Plus One recipient also receives a complimentary onsite presence at PrideFest Milwaukee.

Past Plus One beneficiaries have included The Healing CenterACLU of Wisconsin, Pathfinders Q*Blok and the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center.

Qualifications & Requirements

All Plus One candidates must:

  • Be a qualified, certified and sustainable non-profit organization.
  • Provide significant, consistent, visible support to the local LGBTQ community.
  • Align closely with the outlined mission and purpose of Milwaukee Pride, Inc.
  • Demonstrate how Plus One funding would drive significant community impact.
  • Commit to supporting marketing, PR and outreach initiatives throughout campaign.

proudpride_milwaukeeprideAs a 501(c)3 organization, we are absolutely prohibited from intervening or participating in political campaigns. In return, we cannot consider political candidates as Plus One beneficiaries.

Nomination Process

Anyone, at any time, can nominate an organization, cause or campaign for Plus One consideration.

Nominations should be submitted in writing, whether to the Milwaukee Pride, Inc. mailing address or by e-mail to the or mailboxes.  We cannot consider nominations made only in social media posts.  All submissions are received and researched by the Communications Director and presented to the Milwaukee Pride, Inc. Board of Directors for further consideration. All nominees are subject to a majority vote by the Board of Directors, whose vote is final.

The annual Plus One cause is announced by January 31 every calendar year.