October 1995: Q*Voice magazine launches

qv-9510Twenty years ago, Jorge L. Cabal and William Attewell launched Q*Voice, a LGBT magazine covering Milwaukee and Wisconsin “in depth and with style.”

At the time, the state had four thriving gay and lesbian publications, including Wisconsin Light, In Step, QUEST and Q*Voice.  Milwaukee Magazine called Q*Voice ‘a promising new voice… sassy, readable and easily the best-designed free publication in town.'”

Within one year, Q*Voice had expanded 33% to a print run of 12,000 issues, making it the second largest print run of any LGBT publication in the state.  The magazine was unique in that it prohibited advertising for 1-900 phone sex services.  The magazine is remembered for high-quality photography on its covers, as well as in-depth interviews with high-profile LGBT leaders of the era.

Q*Voice lasted almost three years as an independent publication, before merging into In Step in August 1998.

Were you a Q*Voice reader?  Check out the Q*Voice cover gallery at the Wisconsin GLBT History Project website.