Share your photos for PrideFest History Project

WreckRoomMilwaukee-GPUNews1977.12p52-350x460Help us preserve the heritage of Milwaukee LGBT lives — before it’s too late!

How much do you really know about local LGBT+ history?

In most cultures, LGBT history is unspoken or underground history — not taught in schools, not shared in religious settings, and not discussed between parents and children.  For this reason, it is critical that LGBT history not only be documented and preserved, but broadcast far and wide so that all members of our community can live proud.

lgbthistoryMilwaukee Pride, Inc. strongly believes in the power of educating our community on LGBT+ culture.  And the PrideFest History Project needs you!


Share your photos and memories!  Gay and lesbian life has seen dramatic changes over the past 50 years.  Through urban renewal, cultural acceptance and social integration, an entire way of life is slowly being forgotten, at a time when technology should make it easier to save.

Do you have memorabilia — or just memories — that you’d like to share? Whether it’s photos, flyers, stories or memories, we are happy to include your content in our project — and we’ll handle all scanning and archiving.

Please contact us at to share yours today!

Stud546RoyalReconnect with old friends — and make new ones!   Join the conversation at the History of Gay Milwaukee Facebook group and connect with others exploring Milwaukee’s past!

Our 2016 PrideFest exhibit also needs ideas, people and passion to make the 2016 exhibit more engaging and exciting than ever,

Join this award-winning project!  We’re also looking for volunteers willing to not only staff the event, but staff outreach opportunities that extend the reach and impact of LGBT+ history throughout the year!

Interested? Would you like to know more? Please contact!

Together, we can celebrate our shared community and culture and build a rich remembrance for the next generation of LGBT+ leaders.  Our future depends on you!

The Wisconsin GLBT History Project is a self-funded, community-driven project devoted to documenting the evolving face of local gay and lesbian life. We are honored to be affiliated with this important and irreplaceable historical initiative.