Milwaukee Pride, Inc. names first executive director

We’re excited to announce a change that will advance our non-profit mission and impact.

As its first official motion of 2016, the Milwaukee Pride, Inc. Board of Directors appointed Eric Heinritz  as executive director, effective January 20.

In this newly created role, Heinritz will foster continued growth by leading fundraising, programming, finance, governance and community engagement initiatives.

The executive director will also support the Board of Directors, event producers, production teams and community partners by managing the day-to-day business operations of Milwaukee Pride, Inc.

This change marks a historic transition for the organization, which has operated under different legal entities for 28 years, but always on a volunteer-only basis.

“As we continue to evolve from a weekend experience to a year-round community resource, we recognize the critical need for a committed, full-time resource,” said Michail Takach, Milwaukee Pride, Inc. communications director. “Every non-profit approaches a crossroads where they must choose between accepting the ‘as is’ or fighting for the future.  With the executive director position, we are making a strategic and responsible investment in our long-term plan.”

Prior to joining the organization, Heinritz was employed by Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. from 2001 to 2014 in a series of leadership roles. As a long-time volunteer and former member of the Milwaukee Pride, Inc. board, he has applied his knowledge of finance, operations and project management to increase efficiencies, create organizational structure and improve overall festival performance.

“Milwaukee Pride, Inc. has only begun to explore its full potential,” said Heinritz. “I’m eager to dedicate myself to strengthening its foundation, extending its reach, and increasing its community impact for years to come.”

“Our transfomation begins here.”

Contact: Eric Heinritz