Milwaukee Film Festival celebrates global diversity

download-4Span the globe at the 2016 Milwaukee Film Festival September 22 – October 6. 

Nearly 300 films will be shown at five Milwaukee theaters, including the Landmark Oriental TheatreLandmark Downer Theatre, Fox-Bay Cinema Grill,Times Cinema and Avalon Theater.

The Milwaukee Film Festival is one of the fastest-growing cultural events in America.  Last year’s festival attracted 70,885 vistiors — a 10% increase over 2014 — and presented 77 sold out showings.

Program books for the 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival are now available on newsstands.  Film guides, festival schedules and more are available at the Milwaukee Film website.

Festival tickets are now available online, by phone, and at all five Milwaukee Film Festival Box Offices.

checkit_milwaukeeprideFor the eighth consecutive year, Milwaukee Pride supports the Milwaukee Film Festival as a proud community partner.  This year, we’re honored to present Check It, one of the most remarkable documentaries about queer youth we’ve ever seen.

Strength in numbers is what led to the creation of the ‘Check It‘; a Washington D.C.-based street gang notable for being quite possibly the only exclusively queer gang in the United States.

Tired of the bullying and hate crimes they’re subjected to on a daily basis, these young people of color have banded together (now numbering over 200!), developing a fierce reputation for striking back at anyone foolish enough to attack one of their ranks.

But some of the Check It’s elder members see the need to move forward, pursuing their diverse passions (fashion, activism) in an attempt to break the cycle of violence.

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Bonus: directors and cast members of Check It will make special appearances at Milwaukee Film Festival talkbacks after the following shows:

For ongoing updates about the film, follow Check It on Facebook and Twitter.


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