Stonewall Stage Talk celebrates women’s music culture

cherylkaderHear from guest speaker Cheryl Kader February 27 in Shorewood!

Women’s music culture was, from its inception, lesbian-centric. This presentation will explore the role played by lesbians in the local women’s liberation movement.

“The Politics of the Personal: Paid My Dues and the Rise of Women’s Music Culture” analyzes the first US publication to take seriously “feminist music.”

Paid My Dues, originating in Milwaukee in 1974 and lasting for a total of 15 issues, helped shape a burgeoning music revolution and was itself, a product of the movement for women’s liberation that saw culture and politics as interdependent in bringing a new world into being.

Join us on Wednesday, February 27 at the Shorewood Village Center (3920 N. Murray Ave.)  The event runs from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and will include time for a live Q&A.

As always, Stonewall Stage Talks are FREE and open to the public.

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About Cheryl Kader

As Cheryl Kader’s students frequently remarked, “Cheryl, you suck at retirement.”

Officially retiring from teaching Women’s and Gender Studies at UWM in 2014, but unable to let go completely, Cheryl remained with the department for another 4 years teaching a popular class in Queer Theory.

At the end of 2018, Cheryl taught her final class and left to pursue other projects, including a book-length manuscript on the women’s liberation movement in Milwaukee and beyond.

About the Stonewall Stage Talk series

In the spirit of outreach, education and activism, the Stonewall Stage Talks are a FREE series of “coffeeshop talks” about critical issues within the LGBTQ community. At PrideFest Milwaukee, the Stonewall Stage celebrates the heritage and culture of LGBTQ pride. Through the Stonewall Stage Talks, we hope to create an ongoing, year-round dialogue that inspires understanding, unity and action.

Bring a friend! Stonewall Stage Talks are usually suitable for all ages. They’re an excellent opportunity to educate yourself on the diverse challenges of L, G, B, T and Q people — and to create cultural competency for our friends, family, allies and partners. If you’d like to recommend a speaker, topic or venue, contact


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